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About the School

The Lyceum School is a recognized landmark in its pursuit of excellence in education, holistic growth of children and human excellence. The sole aim of the school is to give children a proper sense of identity, built on intellectual curiosity, independence and inclusivity.

Healthy school......    Healthy kids......

lyceum's Belief

"FROM TINY SEEDS GROW MIGHTY TREES" is the most profound thing lyceum has ever reflected on. Within these children, we plant tiny seeds each day and each year.

At lyceum we plant seeds that we trust will help out children grow into strong and successful adults in their future.

In order for them to grow into strong individuals they will need deep roots... roots that are sunk in the soil of self confidence and strong values and beliefs. Each day we must water them with hope, kindness, and love. We must feed these plants with the nutrients of knowledge, character and dedication. We must care for them so they can bloom with creativity, curiosity, intelligence, citizenship and leadership.

Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision: An institution of global repute for excellence in educating the next generation for their bright future.

Our Mission: To ensure that every student is inspired and prepared to be a passionate lifelong learner. To evolve a learning system which is creative and interactive so that it becomes constructive, comprehensive and practical.

Our Motto

"GETTING READY FOR THE FUTURE." How we perceive a student is how we perceive tomorrow. A student is like a seed which changes and evolves. This process is nurtured at lyceum.

A professional, empowered and motivated faculty ensure the overall growth of the student. This equips the students with a scientific and innovative way of learning and in the process they become the Torch Bearers of tomorrow.

the reins at the right hands

Dedicated and committed faculty at lyceum do not just teach, but inspire. Our faculty is our biggest asset. They contribute their ideas, skills and expertise in evolving every facet of the school functioning from our culture, discipline and teaching practices.

The faculty members are offered training programs and encouraged to attend workshops to stay informed of most recent teaching methodologies.

We are proud to say that we rely on good teachers to create a happy and thriving environment for children to develop and learn. We celebrate each and every student's unique talents tailoring our teaching to individual needs.

Our Leadership & School Philosophy

Our leaders go hand in hand with the school philosophy that education must engage with enlarged experience for the overall growth of the individual. The school encourages this by integrating sports, hobby activities, special day celebrations, community service, Eco-friendly initiatives and excursion within the curriculum and adopts a holistic and down- to- earth approach. Along with education the school plans renewed emphasis on deep- rooted value system.

School Philosophy

We know that no two brains are alike. We know the importance of the impact a school has on the learning and development of an individual.


lyceum has always been in the forefront of school where academic excellence and holistic development of each child .

Parent's speak

our risk takers

" We want our students to be
risk takers and to try new things in life "

Our Climbing wall of 33 feet is excellent for building upper body strength and improving balance, endurance and flexibility in children. When a student makes it across the wall, it builds their self-esteem and gives them a sense of pride.