Dear children and parents
    "Change is the end result of all true learning".
    I take pleasure in welcoming you all to our Centralised Curriculum frame work and guidelines clearly mentioning the remarkable journey of success in all areas of Academics,Sports and Curricular activities.
    Thanks for the relentless support of parents and the limitless energy levels of my kids and my teachers.

    To grow a tree one needs to see the quality of the seed.
    As parents and educators our endeavour would be in nurturing the seeds with good inputs like Vocubulary, Spell bee, Online quizzer has caught up with many children and parents.

    Working and nurturing students with diverse background is valuable and challenging for us. To provide the latest talent,support and comfortable environment all the forces are kept in mind.


    "Education is not preparation for life , education is life itself." We no longer limit to school teaching - learning get limited to the class rooms but get extended we have undergone enormous change a process of great upheaval we have been witnessing the dawn of Information and Technology , Computerization , Quality amendement of teaching faculty, Persistent counselling sessions,Physical and Social strength of students has become an endeavours to reduce unhealthy diversions .
    We do not go by volume but enjoy each child who gathered their wits to think big and fast creativity is no ones Monopoly but thinking ahead is important.


    "Education is the passport to the future for tomorrow, belongs to those who prepare for it today".
    The LYCEUM CBSE school plans the curriculum interspering Co -curricular activities and designs every area and age group based on strength of the students. The pursuit of excellence encouraged at THE LYCEUM ,MEERPET rests on the positive beliefs that every man has it in him to produce.
    We create opportunities and environment for unleashing the creative potential and reinforce a culture of innovation right from PPI TO X with greater responsibility of exposing to multimedia and electronic media.

    Welcome to The Lyceum Schools

    The Lyceum The School is an English medium co-educational recognised under CBSE. Bulit on a sprawling campus, the school offer a pollution free environment far away from th maddening crowd of the city life.
    The school is blowing wind of quality education beyond the International standard. Teacher are applying the latest techniques of imparting quality education by using educational modules of Extra Marks Solutions, in each and every classroom for effective curriculum transaction

    Our Approach

    The Lyceum The School has assumed a credible position in terms of Quality education among most progressing education institutions of Telangana Region. The exponential growth itself is an indication of sincere efforts of founder and Chairman who follow the personal principle of promoting uncompromising value-based quality education which promotes a global outlook that is needed for this new generation students. Pleasant atmosphere and Modern facilities make the students to experience the joy of learning.The best academic support and personal care is provided to the students with special focus in building a strong foundation of knowledge and concepts for their success. Time and results have proved that The Lyceum Schools education system is Internationally effective in producing best results year after year and all round development of students

  • The important ideas include
      Student-centered learning
      Assessment for learning
      Standards, project, inquiry-based learning.
      Student engagement
  • Curriculum

    The middle school incorporates a myriad of different teaching approaches to ensure that lessons are varied, that they cater for different learning styles, that they provide sufficient challenge, and that they allow the students to feel considerable success.The curriculum has been formed and is modified according to a set of principles.

    In the Middle School students study English, Mathematics, History, Geography, Science, P.E., Music, Art, I.C.T., library skills and Telugu or Hindi.

We emphasize the importance of respect, tolerance, intercultural and social awareness, and a passion for learning in a positive, encouraging environment.

Our focus


Assessment is a continuous process of gathering and interpreting evidence to make judgments about student learning.

Assessment identifies what students know, understand and can do at different stages in the learning process. Assessment helps teachers to plan, guide and implement learning.

Art program

The Visual Arts Department at the Secondary School aims to develop the students’ aesthetic, creative, and imaginative senses. The students learn a range of key skill sets and techniques within a context of world culture and art history.


Every child is different; they vary in their physiological, psychosocial and cognitive make up. Hence, it is natural that they should react differently to their environment and learn differently. Although it is important to follow social norms, it unlikely that anyone can fit into one rigid mould.

Field trips

Field trips are an important parts of the student experience. One requirement of enrolment at ISH is that parents must sign a permission slip at the beginning of the school year allowing their child(ren) blanket permission to participate in local field trips. The cost of field trips is often the responsibility of parents.

Saroor Nagar, Near Rythu Bazar,
Badangpet Rd, near Primary Health Center,
New Balaji Nagar, Meerpet,
Hyderabad Telangana
Pincode: 500058
Contact : 040-29804390, 040-29804391,

E-mail: thelyceumschool01@gmail.com